In today's Orange County (California) Register, a full page ad (that has to cost thousands of dollars) appears promoting and making available for purchase the # 1 Hearing Amplifier for "Only $34.50",

I would like to know who number 2 and 3 are.

As I have said many times before, You can tell more from an ad than just information on a product.

The Content and Illustrations in any advertisement of any type, readily reveals the level of Integrity of the Company responsibile and paying for the advertisement.

I hope the Register got a Certified Check with the ad submission.

The Ad starts out claiming that 750,000 Americans have "Ordered" their product.

Thats like saying the Lakers "Attempted" 750,000 baskets last year. How many did they score?

How many Ampli-Ear Hearing Amplifiers were purchased? How many were returned? How much money was refunded?

In the Note from the President, Christopher England, he does state that 3/4 of a million units were sold.

So if 750,000 were ordered, and 3/4 Million were sold, does that mean that none were returned?

He also states that "Hearing Amplifiers DON'T cost manufacturers thousands, or even hundreds of dollars to make".


That would really be hard to conclude since he sells them for "Only" $34.50 that is unless you order 3 and then they only cost $79.00 or $26.33 each.

This "Special" must be intended for 3-Eared People or for Groups that combine orders to say money.

Even an order for only 1 is shipped with Free Delivery.

Someone in the Advertising Industry must have advised Christopher England, the President, to be sure to include in the ad "As Seen On TV" because all Americans know that must mean the product must really be good. Certainly the TV Media Advertising People would never allow a product to be advertised on Television if it had no merit or wasn't what it claimed to be. We all know that.

I guess Christopher England couldn't sign Don Shula to endorse his product because of the conflict with SIEMENS.

Since PHONAK is promoting the Youthful Market (or at least those younger than SENIORS) and are in negotiations with David Beckham of the Galaxy team, he isn't available either.

Maybe Christopher can get Pete Rose. He's a gambler.

Just because I couldn't locate the American Research Institute on the World Wide Web, doesn't mean they don't exist. Certainly, with a name like that, there must be some Company in America.

I also couldn't locate the New England Institute of Health either, evidently the subsidiary of American Research Institute, that sells the vitamin supplement on their website that prevents or eliminates hearing loss, and also offers your money back.

They also provide a Customer Service listing for easy contact, that can't be contacted.

As I reread the entire page of advertising, I think how lucky, and hungry, the Orange County Register must be. In this time of Newspaper decline, the Register was lucky to find somebody with enough money to pay for a full page ad.

I also think how lucky Christopher England (if such a Person exists, at least one connected with American Research Institute of West Greenwich, RI.)

to be able to gather the mailing list of 750,000 (or sometimes known as (AKA) 3/4 MILLION People (FOOLS) which can be sold for millions.

Such a mailing list, of PROVEN SUCKERS has to be worth Millions of Dollars to those trying to sell bridges,desert plots, and 50% return on investment schemes.

The potential is unlimited.

What would such a mailing list be worth to Hillary Clinton for campaign fund solicitations?

I own one of the advertised devices. I bought it for research purposes (just like those People that bought the iPhone to dissect) from one of my Clients who ordered 3 (for the savings provideded, he's cheap, obviously), He has since returned his 2. I haven't.

The same Client has since bought 2 PHONAK Micro-Power from me for $3,990, including a remote, and also the Micro-Power 9 (which has the SAVIA Circuit) which is more expensive than the Micro-Power 5 and a lot more expensive than the Micro-Power 3, which can be controlled by a remote.

Thanks Christopher. Although you make a lot more money when you sell $3,990 worth of your products.

I would imagine when American Research Institute (I wonder if they do Field Research or publish White Papers) orders a Container of the AmpliEar product from China if they sell any to the Manufacturer of CRACKERJACK?

It would be perfect as a prize.

My Advice to all Consumers of America.

Don't waste your time or money on the AmpliEar.

Get a free hearing test, and with the test results and careful consideration of whether or not you really need a Hearing Aid, then visit a COSTCO near you, or visit a Miracle-Ear located within SEARS and when Miracle-Ear runs one of their ENTICEMENT ADS inviting you to buy 2 Hearing Aids for $995.00....Go for it. Under no circumstances be talked into anything more expensive.

Don't feel sorry for Miracle-Ear, they are still making about $800 profit. And don't feel sorry for the Dispenser, he's probably still making a commission of about $200 which is not bad for a couple of hourse effort. Besides, he or she (I must be PC) probably needs the experience. Both with the Consumer and the Computer. But chances are the Aids they sell for $995 ( 2 during their sale) are probably not programmable. Never the less it is still a very good deal for somebody that really needs hearing aids.

I guess the thing I resent most about the full-page ad in the Register, is that they had the gall and audacity to include the word: INTEGRITY.

What an insult. And its my favorite word.


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Please lie up to your ad,HONEST DOES that mean a thing to you???

send my check as I have a CONFIRM receipt that

you received my return hearing aids. Do I call the better business bureau? Please reply



Sent back Two units no way to get refund. American greed and scam at work.


Ad appeared in the Wilmington(Delaware) newspaper orders are now up to 900,000. The president is now Joseph England.

Must be keeping it in the family.

My only concern is: Does this thing work or doesn't it? I can't get to the ordering site via e-mail.


I appreciate your post. I also wrote that SMS advertising provides a cost effective method of targeting promotions to specific customer profiles. You might want to remind customers of specific events or promotions, but for whatever reasons, SMS allows you to pass information directly to the right customer at very affordable prices and fast delivery.

Hearing aid


Cannot get the Ampli Ear in my ear. It is too large. May I return for a refund?


Cannot get the Ampli Ear in my ear. It is too large. May I return for a refund?


Received my Ampli Ear. Much too large for my ear, and I cannot get it in. May I return for a refund?


Thanks for saving me from being being scambo-ed.

It's upsetting - hearing loss. :cry :sigh

Let's hope others do a net search like I did and find this page.


:grin :grin Thanks to ampli ear I can hear again and feel engaged in life! No thanks to the industry itself that has been overpricing this product and gouging those who can least afford aids.

Now, anyone can afford to try them. I have had mine for 4 months and they still work so well. I can hear the sermons in Church once again, listen to music and tv and movies without turning the volume up. My cousin tried them 2 months ago and was "ecstatic." He can hear a "Pin drop 10 miles away!" He also is an experienced user of the typical $$$$ hearing devices.

I would love to shake the hands of the company owners who have offered this product in spite of to industry-wide price-gouging practices. Now there is hope for most anyone who is hard of hearing!!


I ordered one of these amplifiers for my husband and needless to say it was worhtless, we had thirty days to return it but it said with the receipt, guess what? There was no receipt sent!!! Lesson learned!


William and Mike are right. Alsip Magistrate seems very biased and just wants to blow his horn.

He states he bought 2 of the product but never says a comment about them??? Curious. And his friend bought 3 but he says he has since returned 2? Did one work well enough that he returned 2?

Be quiet Alsip. You don't add anything to the conversation but your opinion because a full page ad upset you. Are you a California tree hugger? Don't like to see the paper used????

Most people come to these websites for experience posts, not *** opinions based on untested information.

And NO, I don't work for any hearing aid or hearing amplifier company. Just a normal consumer trying to learn from experienced buyers and users.


I returned the hearing amplifier we had ordered, you called and said you received on 11/05/2010, I have to see that you have credit my credit card for the returned item, ASAP, please let me know, e-mail address bevfitz1243@aol.com


Ask a user! I AM ONE who ordered the Ampli Ear as an intermediate solution until I could find the right solution.

In the past 20 years, since I was 40 I have spent literally thousands of dollars on hearing aids. The last 2 experiences I had left me frustrated and depressed. I went to my audiologist because I couldn't hear with my 5 year old Wydex aids. She checked my hearing and the aids (I ASSUME -there were many other waiting to see her!) and said they should work fine but went ahead and upped the volume for me - still couldn't hear.

Before I know it I was dismissed. UGH. Went to another audiologist who concluded I should use the biggest ugliest over the ear aids and huge tubes. Yikes!

Finally I found the Ampli Ear aids with a 30 day moneyback guarantee. I bought 2 for $100. WHOAH!!! They work better than my Wydex had worked in at least 3 years.

Don't know how long they will last but, let's see, if I replace them 3 times a year at $300 per year, I am still way ahead at a 5 year cost of $1500 compared to $3500 to $4000 for previous aids.

Go figure.DO YOUR RESEARCH AND USE THE LEAST EXPENSIVE ONES FIRST! There are many choices out there these days.


:) I ordered a hearing aplifier and love it. I have spent anywhere from $1500 to over $3000 for digital hearing aids and I hated everyone of them.

I lost my most recent hearing aid so I thought "What the heck!" I would try a over the ear hearing amplifier. It is big and bulky and the ear piece does not fit as well as I would like but I am hearing more now than I ever heard from professional hearing aids that were fitted and programed by professional doctors/audiologists. I will spend $39 and enjoy my hearing vs spending $3,000 and not being satisfied. My latest visit to an audiologist suggested I purchase 2 hearing aids for only $5,000.

Wow what a savings. I will stick with the amplifiers and invest my money elsewhere.


:( I, too ordered the AmpliEar for my Dad. They had cashed the check sent with the order within four (4) days.

The order was mailed in November/2009. It is now two (2) days before the New Year (2010) and still no product. I had hoped my Dad would have the opportunity to start this forthcoming year, being able to listen to the television with family, instead of running the family out of the room because the volume is too loud for comfort. Is there a contact number or e-mail address to which we can get a status on our order, since Mr.

England failed to include that tidbit of information in his pitch ad. Also, there should be some type of legislation in place in Rhode Island to monitor individuals such as this. Apparently it is open season on the elderly. This feels just like a home invasion robbery without the violence.

:? :( :(


I ordered 2 of the units for my mother, and the units came within 9 days of ordering. Will have to see how they work for her, but she has had expensive digital hearing aids from the local hearing aid shop and is not happy with their quality.

She figured it was worth the gamble to order the Ampli Ear and try them. :grin


My mother ordered one of these for my father it was ordered and they cashed the check on the 17th of march. it is now may 21 st they have not heard anything from the company and no product as of yet.

I am looking on their behalf trying to locate some way of getting ahold of these people to see whats up. Yeah I am pissed.


Mike and William sound like they work for Ampli-Ear.

They evidently missed the point of this posting.

I am opposed to the Company because of their deception in advertising and their business practices.

The purchase of their product is a total waste of money.

I don't sell hearing aids at the prices indicated by Mike and William, and in fact I agree that the profit margins in the sale of hearing aids are exploitive.

But I also know you can't build a real hearing aid for the prices they are claiming are retail.

Bill and William obviously know nothing about the fitting of hearing aids.

I suggest they, and everyone else, read everything posted on this website under the category of Medical Equipment and Alternative Medicine, and they will receive an un biased education on the sale and fitting of hearing aids.

If they do they will have a better understanding of where I am coming from, and its not the sale of hearing aids.


hi, im a consumer like most of us who reached this report and i find it interesting that after all the negative comments from this peson, it turns out he or she is a merchant of hearing products hence the sale for 3990 i would seem there is a not so hidden agenda. as a consumer use judgemen in all assements out there


Guess I would be pissed too if someone was selling something for $35 that I was selling for $4000.

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